Because I’ve got to have faith…

Let me be very honest and say that past couple of months have really been difficult; at times testing. Kind of the months where you really start feeling whether things are ever going to change; whether life for me will always be tough, where it seems like all one is doing, is trying to make ends meet, trying to do something to change and yet nothing works out. I could feel myself slipping into an abyss of depression where even the very act of getting up in the morning is like trying to climb a mountain, where it is easier to just hide my face rather than face the world.

I think all of us have had days or even weeks like these. I was trying hard to keep my head above water, not let myself be pulled down. I was looking for little things to pull me through, little chinks in the dark clouds. Then I realised I had the power. I had it in myself to be my own saviour.

Whoever said life is easy? Life is tough but still you need to be tougher. So go on make that choice today. Pull yourself up, pick up all those pieces. Grab on to that ray of hope. Your moment is waiting for you just round the corner. So get up and be strong!


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